Who am I?

I love aesthetics.

The way I look at things is practically always from an aesthetic point of view. I love the way different elements evoke different atmospheres.

My passion arises from the search to create architecture with the emphasis on a warm, livable interior with a lot of atmosphere. I strive to create timeless, uncomplicated and authentic environments, time and time again.

With every project, it’s essential to me to create something innovative with a slight classic twist, yet surprisingly contemporary. A house must be timeless, but it can have that little bit more by allowing it to be influenced by a broader, multicultural perspective, which results in a characteristic style.

A house must be unique, a reflection of the resident’s personality. Because of that, it must retain a certain level of simplicity so the resident can add his own signature to it. It’s all in the details.

I focus on renovation, since authenticity plays a major role in that kind of projects. But new constructions, design, art and interior are also part of my everyday activities and interests.

Feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to meeting you!